Storm Clouds Gathering for Construction Lenders

Construction Lenders

Recent economic forecasts suggest difficult times may lie ahead for lenders who finance construction equipment purchases. As the industry enters its slower autumn season, experts predict rising delinquencies and defaults in this sector. Lenders who take preventative action now can mitigate risks and protect their bottom line.  Research by the Construction Financial Management Association reveals […]

Revenue Reclamation – An Innovative, Pre-legal Approach to Capture Lost Revenue

Lost Revenue

Asset-based lenders know; occasional charge-offs are an unavoidable fact of life and “one of the costs of doing business.” After weeks of fruitless collection activities and attempts to locate and assess any collateralized assets, most lenders feel as though there are very few options available to them to try to reclaim any of the revenue […]

How Continual Learning Improves ACS Collection Services

Collection Services

Together – collections, recovery and loan portfolio optimization are constantly evolving fields. That’s why ACS is always seeking new insights and ideas. Ideas that improve our practices and help us bolster our efforts to boost client portfolio performance. Often this means looking outside of our own office to see larger industry trends and discuss the […]

Get Ahead of the Worsening Credit Crunch: 5-Tips for Independent Asset-Based Lenders

asset based loan collections

For some independent asset-based lenders, securing sufficient operating capital is becoming a growing problem. Why? Because, increased regulatory scrutiny on credit quality following the first quarter’s bank failures is causing banks to rethink their lending practices. As part of this tightening trend, banks have begun to reduce warehouse lines of credit for independent asset-based lenders, limiting […]

Wipe Away Worry with ACS Collateral Recovery Services

Recovery management

When it comes to collateral recovery as a function of asset management on underperforming loans it’s natural to have some discomfort surrounding your portfolio’s performance. Every challenged customer represents an opportunity and a risk. Savvy stakeholders know it’s important to minimize the latter whenever possible. ACS alleviates clients’ concerns by providing a higher level of […]

Asset Compliant Solutions (ACS) Achieves SOC 2 Compliance Certification

SOC 2 Compliance Certification

Asset Compliant Solutions (ACS) has always known what it stands for. Since 1998 when CEO Brian Noble founded the company, ACS has dedicated itself to “doing good work and doing it right.” As a result, the company has built a reputation for delivering exceptional collections and recovery outcomes, superior service and an unwavering commitment to […]

Collections & Recovery in a Socially Connected World

Collections & Recovery

Any way you look at it, the last few years have been crazy for asset-based lenders. Nearly three years ago, the national emergency associated with COVID-19 dramatically slowed economic activity and deal flow. Then, as federal funds helped fuel the post-pandemic recovery, supply chain disruptions sent asset values and overall inflation soaring. As demand increased, […]

Declining Asset Values, Default Trends and What to Do About Them

Declining Asset Values

During the bubble that occurred in 2021, when asset values – especially for used trucks of any kind – hit record highs, buyers flooded the secondary market – keeping, inventories low and values high. Aided by disrupted supply chains, pandemic-related liquidity and low interest rates, the market soared. The environment in 2023 is decidedly different. […]

Lender and Lease Finance Asset Management – Navigating Through Uncertainty in 2023

lender and lease finance

After two years of high-flying performance, asset-based lenders and lease finance companies now find themselves wondering what might be next. In our good news, bad news economy it seems anything can happen. In environments like the one we’re experiencing in 2023, portfolio optimization and risk management take on a new set of complexities. For asset […]